Who Is Boost 180 Fitness?

At Boost 180 Fitness in Denver, our Denver fitness trainer, Michelle Golla, develops programs that help you become the best version of yourself through an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether your goals include toning up, trimming down, improving on athletic performance or even running a marathon, we have the tools to help you get there.

Meet Our Denver Fitness Trainer: Michelle Golla

Michelle Golla started her own fitness journey following a torn ACL that ended her basketball career. As a former athlete, she found herself lacking the motivation to stay active after her injury. When she decided it was time to make a change, Michelle started taking daily walks around the block. Eventually, she was running up to 60 miles each week and had lost more than 50 pounds.

This experience inspired Michelle to become a personal trainer, running/athletic conditioning coach and weight management specialist. With a unique understanding of the difficulties one may face prior to adopting an active lifestyle, she is exceptionally qualified to help her clients reach their fitness goals. Michelle's well-rounded background allows her to successfully guide you through each step of your fitness journey.

Her overall Vision: To provide the best training, support, advice, and encouragement in a positive manner; be sensitive to one’s needs; value one’s goals; provide an enjoyable, safe and memorable experience.


  • Certified Running Coach from ASFA and HRC
  • Health and Wellness Coach Certification from USCW
  • Personal Training Certification from ACE
  • Weight Management Specialist from ACE


Unique Programs Developed By Denver Fitness Trainer

Our Denver fitness trainer is inspired by you. We combine resistance training with aerobic exercises so that you get a comprehensive workout, each and every time you hit the gym.

If you're new to the gym, we will guide you through the basic dynamics of each exercise in your personal training routine, ensuring that you are performing them safely and effectively. As you get stronger, we will adapt your personal training program to give you the best workout.

If you're already a regular at your gym, we can add diversity to your routine, amp up the difficulty, or target a problem area, helping you achieve the results you are looking for.

Our Philosophy

Our Denver fitness trainer helps you achieve your goals through support, innovation, and accountability.


At Boost 180 Fitness, we seek to understand your goals and help you reach them, or even surpass them. We help you stay motivated and provide the positive encouragement you need to adopt an active lifestyle that works for you.


We work tirelessly to develop unique personal training programs that make your workouts not only fun and interesting but also effective. With more than 30 years in the industry, we know how to keep your muscles and mind engaged in each and every workout.


When you workout with Boost 180 Fitness, you have a partner in your fitness journey. We guide you through the days you have no desire to lace up those tennis shoes and celebrate each victory. With our personal training programs, you learn how to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals.

From running to cross-training to yoga and more, we have the best personal trainer in Denver who develops unique programs that are customized to help you achieve your goals. At Boost 180 Fitness, you get the tools you need to become the best version of yourself.

Schedule your initial consultation with Michelle, your expert running/athletic conditioning coach and personal trainer.