Client Stories

Lizzy Walters

Primary Goal: To tone, turn fat into lean muscle. With a prediabetic diagnosis, Lizzy had an aggressive goal to drop 60 pounds in six months to regain a sustainable healthy weight. In doing so she will gain more energy, and thus ability to create a health weight and exercise lifestyle. Lizzy’s commitment to her goals is an 8 out of 10 priority. She’s ready to begin the work!

Priror experience: Lizzy came to Boost 180 to change the plateau from prior exercise regiments where she had been gaining weight rather than losing it. She also needed a flexible personal trainer to meet her work schedule instead of trying to make to a gym class.

Boost 180 Plan: Train 2x a week with trainer one on one; plus a weekly check in from trainer to follow up on progress.  Build a nutrition plan to aid in weight loss goals. 

To Date: Exercising 5x week individually with progress plan in place. Weekly checking no longer required.  Lizzy met an healthy attainable weight loss of  10 pounds within three months!  She’s doing great on her own. 

Modeling a squat

Hunter Smith and Jill Corbin

Primary Goal: To get conditioned, build stamina and endurance to run a marathon

Obstacles: Work schedule and follow-through with program; hard to commit to 5 days of running

Action Plan: Begin with training for a 5K, 10K, 1/2 then full marathon; stick to the training schedule

To Date: Both have run over 25 races including 3 full marathons within a three year period


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