Client Stories

Lizzy Walters

Primary Goal: To tone, turn fat into lean muscle. With a prediabetic diagnosis, Lizzy had an aggressive goal to drop 60 pounds in six months to regain a sustainable healthy weight. In doing so she will gain more energy, and thus ability to create a health weight and exercise lifestyle. Lizzy’s commitment to her goals is an 8 out of 10 priority. She’s ready to begin the work!

Priror experience: Lizzy came to Boost 180 to change the plateau from prior exercise regiments where she had been gaining weight rather than losing it. She also needed a flexible personal trainer to meet her work schedule instead of trying to make to a gym class.

Boost 180 Plan: Train 2x a week with trainer one on one; plus a weekly check in from trainer to follow up on progress.  Build a nutrition plan to aid in weight loss goals. 

To Date: Exercising 5x week individually with progress plan in place. Weekly checking no longer required.  Lizzy met an healthy attainable weight loss of  10 pounds within three months!  She’s doing great on her own. 

Modeling a squat

Hunter Smith and Jill Corbin

Primary Goal: Both have been clients of mine for over two years and run several marathons. For this one in particular, both, as well as myself, wanted it to PR as well as feel stronger than the others physically and mentally. We met frequently to build upper and lower body strength, stamina and change mindset through positive thinking every time we trained. 

Boost 180 Plan:  Focus on running 4 days a week, one cross-training day, and incorporating strength training twice a week.

To Date: Both have run over 25 races including 3 full marathons within a three year period and had success at the Chicago Marathon. Jill is running it again next year with the same intent - PR. Hunter will resume his training in the spring with hopes of running the New York Marathon again. 

Seated Tricep extension


Primary Goal: Zach wasn’t exercising at all and he knew it was effecting his moods, performance at work, energy level, relationships with employees and others and overall mindset. I was to come once a week to his office gym and he would repeat the exercises on another day. He wanted to trim his waist-line by 10 pounds and build lean muscle in 6 months as well as add another day of strength training. 

Boost 180 Plan:  Focus on building muscle, stamina, strength and resistance training by using bands, free weights, the machines and HITT approach to build stamina. He would repeat the workout another day during the week in addition to walking during lunch hour. Twice a week, incorporate cardio such as running/elliptical either the same day of our training or another day. Start with 2 days a week and build up to four days in 6 months.  

To Date: Zach works out on a regular basis four times a week. He’s lost his weight, has bulked up and loves the way he feels and looks. 

Challenging chest press with free weights


Primary Goal: Annette took a year off from exercising and has had a hard time getting back into a regular routine. She needs a coach to motivate her to exercise again and hold her accountable. In addition, she’s hoping that exercising again will help her build confidence, sleep better and increase her energy level and overcome her depression. Constant pain in shoulder and back, so goal is to seek medical attention to help with it, so exercise is more pleasant and can perform more effectively at work. 

Boost 180 Plan:  HITT approach to build stamina when I visit as well as share several plans that she can do on her own on another day. Cut back on work to catch up on sleep and take the extra time to write an action plan to use on a weekly basis with my support.  

To Date: Seeing a physical therapist for both back, shoulder and now feet. She was completely out of alignment. The pain has subsided. Now she’s exercising consistently 3-4 times a week, feeling confident in her appearance; the depression has subsided and is taking time for herself to ski and meet with friends

Bird Dog


Primary Goal: Tone, More fit, consistent with exercise, and start a nutrition plan to lose 10-15 pounds; cycle and begin running on own several times a week; strengthen quads and glutes to strengthen knees due to former injury. 

Boost 180 Plan:  Meet twice a week to do intense training. Work on form using barbell, dumbbells and machines; strength/resistance training using band and body weight.

To Date: Lost 10 pounds and will be starting a cleansing plan and no carbs starting in Feb to lose another 10 pounds. Consistently exercising 3-4 times a week which includes two days with me, biking twice a week, running on treadmill once a week and hiking once-twice a week. 

Roll-up core work
SIde Lunges


Primary Goal: Never exercised before, and she wants to learn how to, so she can do it at least twice a week on her own.

Boost 180 Plan:  Meet once a week at the Central Park Rec Center and run through standard exercises that can be done anywhere and anytime. Work on form using barbell, dumbbells and machines; strength/resistance training using band and body weight.

To Date: Started new job and moved, so only thing she’s able to do is get out and walk several days a week. Does her best to do body weight exercises until she joins a gym. Getting in shape is a priority, and once things settle down, she will take action with meeting her goals.


Primary Goal:  Build Strength

Boost 180 Plan:  Provided exercises to do on own twice a week

To Date: Incorporated the exercises into the current workout regiment making it more diverse and guaranteeing that every muscle group.



Primary Goal: Shave her 5K time down under 20 minutes

Boost 180 Plan:  Meet once a week at the park or track and do interval training-speed work or hill repeats and explosive drills to build stamina, endurance, power, strength, and improve lung capacity. We’ve incorporated progression runs to go a bit faster at each 1/2 mile. 

To Date: Changed cadence which has helped with pace and endurance. She’s able to hold pace for a longer period of time then progress during long run. Working now on mindset. She needs to believe she is capable of doing it. 

Changing Form to be a More Efficient Runner


Primary Goal: Change form and plan in order to run more efficiently and stronger for upcoming marathon.

Boost 180 Plan:  Meet once a week to practice form and build a training plan that includes strength, interval-speed work and hill drills to do on own. He also needed to learn how to progress during his long runs by having negative splits rather than get slower the further he ran.

To Date: Changed cadence which has helped with pace and endurance.  He completed his marathon without getting injured because of the changes made during the course of his training. 

Lost 20 pounds with strength training


Primary Goal: Shave 20 pounds and exercise regularly

Boost 180 Plan:  Establish good exercise habits with an eating plan to become more healthier and drop the extra pounds

To Date: Started on Weight Watchers to help track her eating; walked everyday; met with trainer once a week to run her through the machines and use of free weights in order to train on own 3x per week. Did lose the desired weight, feels better about herself and stronger.

Getting back to exercise after 30 years of living a sedentary life


Primary Goal: Stop exercising for 10 years and now wants to do so due to lack of mobility, stability, flexibility and range of motion. Impacting overall wellness. Wants to move without being in pain especially shoulders and knees

Boost 180 Plan: Meet twice a week with emphasis on improved balance and coordination. Safe strength exercises to strengthen shoulders that will also help with posture. 

To Date: Still struggles with balance but shoulder strength is back. Can do up to 50 squats, which has eased knee pain. More flexible due to stretching on a regular basis. Increased mobility demonstrated by rotational movements of all extremities. 

Learning how to run to participate in Colfax Marathon Relay with Corporate Team


Primary Goal: Run a 5K without experiencing pain in foot

Boost 180 Plan:  New shoes and change form

To Date: Able to run four miles without stopping. Completed the 5K part of the Colfax Marathon Relay under 29 minutes

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