Sports Performance Training Denver

Sports Performance Training Denver

Boost 180 Fitness offers 6-week strength, conditioning, speed and agility programs designed specifically for athletes of all ages starting at 5 years old.  Through our comprehensive, Denver sports training programs,  athletes will learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as develop and enhance skills necessary for their specific sport or event (triathlon, bike race, ultra or other). 

Sports Performance Training Foundation

Athletes are naturally self-motivated, so our sports training focuses on perfecting techniques and skills. In our sports training program, we work on building the foundation for exemplary sports performance from training in Denver.

Coordination and Balance:

Coordination and balance are necessary for mastering movement. We help  athletes develop core strength and rhythm to acquire new and challenging movements with more ease and improved dynamics.


All new athletic abilities are built on a foundation of physical strength. Through our sports training, we help athletes develop muscles needed to improve ability, master new skills and prevent injuries.


Flexibility is a vital part of physical health and is often forgotten in traditional sports performance training in Denver. Our programs help increase flexibility to prevent soreness and injury and improve athletic ability.

Running Techniques:

Running is a major factor in just about any sport. Through gait analysis and individual running training, we help athletes perfect their form and technique to increase speed and agility and prevent regular injuries, such as shin splints, IT Band issues, strains, pulled muscles, plantar fasciitis or tendinitis from over use. 

Personal Athletic Coaching - Denver

$60 per hour

$65 per 75 minutes

$75 per 90 minutes

At Boost 180 Fitness, we start with a gait analysis to improve your running technique and prevent injury. From there we guide you into the optimal position for increased speed, strength, and overall performance. Whether you are a track or cross country runner looking to improve your times or you play another sport that requires strong endurance and aerobic fitness, our running coach can help you develop the form and the skills needed to excel in your sport.

Group Training-Sports Conditioning

$75 per hour

Our group sports training is a six-week program works with a minimum of 5 athletes to set and reach fitness goals. With a unique focus every week, the structure is as follows:

Week 1 - Assessment

Week 2 - Strength/Conditioning

Week 3 - Speed-Agility

Week 4 - Hills with Strength Drills

Week 5 - Time/Distance

Week 6 - Importance of Warm-up,                          Stretching and Nutrition

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Our one-on-one sports performance training for Denver athletes includes options that are perfect for young athletes who are looking to achieve a specific goal. Our overall goal is to support your with  improving overall athleticism. The Coach/Personal Trainer can customize a plan that works for an athlete in any sport. This focused attention helps athletes get the most out of their training experience and improve on and off their playing field.


We recommend committing to a minimum of three months of personal training programs to start seeing results. We encourage open communication with your trainer to ensure the best possible training experience.

Cancellation Policy

Training sessions are booked in advance and require a 24-hour notice of cancellation without penalty. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged for the entire duration of the scheduled training session.

Schedule your initial consultation with Michelle, your expert running/athletic conditioning coach and personal trainer.