Your Guide To Trail Running In Denver

Your Guide To Trail Running In Denver

Running is easily one of the most convenient ways to exercise – it’s low maintenance and you can do it anywhere! No matter your level of running expertise, finding a path or trail that is easy to access, safe, and provides the right level of difficulty for your ability can be quite the challenge. With these tips, you’ll be able to map out a run that’s perfect for you and gives you a great look at the options for trail running in Denver.

Find A Local

The first step to trail running in Denver is finding someone who’s done it before. Whether you’re in Denver on a trip or you’re a native who’s been here for years, if you want to start trail running or find new places to lace up your running shoes, you’ll want to talk to someone who has done it all before. Someone who has done a variety of different runs in the area will be able to help you evaluate the difficulty level of each path and give you the best advice on how to prepare.

Don’t Know A Local?

If you don’t know anyone in the area who runs, don’t fret! Social networking and other applications have evolved to offer a ton of information about trail running in Denver and areas around the world. Take a look at apps like MapMyRun to see popular trail running routes in your area or make a post on Yelp to see what others in the area recommend. You can get local knowledge before you even leave your house.

Another option is to look for running groups in your area. Not only does this give you insight into popular routes and paths but also provides the benefits of working out with a group, making it a little easier to conquer a more challenging trail or longer distance.

Choosing A Trail That’s Right For You

When you’re thinking about trying out a new trail or route for your runs, you might want to walk the path before you run it. This can help you identify potential factors that you don’t prefer, such as busy roads or high traffic areas. By walking the route first, you can most effectively add that path into your running routine.

Trail Running In Denver – Where To Start

Denver is easily one of the most scenic cities in the world – with some of the mildest weather, to boot – making it an ideal location for trail running and outdoor exploration. So where do you start in a city that is filled to the brim with parks, paths, and mountains?

City Parks

The beauty of the Denver area is that no matter where you live, you have access to parks that are perfect for trail running. From Downtown Denver to surrounding suburbs, there is no shortage of parks to explore. Do a quick search for the city parks in your area, they are a great place to start, both from a difficulty perspective and an adventure-seeking one, too.

National Parks

If you’re looking for something more difficult for your trail running in Denver, check out the national parks in the surrounding areas. The high altitude and rougher terrain of the mountainous national parks in Colorado present a unique challenge for runners that you can’t find anywhere else.

Hidden Gems

Last, but certainly not least, there are tons of hidden gems in the area that you can find just from being out and about and willing to try something new!

Whether you’re new to running or an old pro who’s looking for something new, this guide to trail running in Denver can help you explore the area and amp up your running routine.

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