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"Discover what’s inside you, what you are capable of, and believe you are worth the effort. Love yourself enough to make the change.” Michelle Golla




Each program begins with a consult about current health, family history, limitations, workout history, current routine and nutrition. Vitals and measurements taken if interested in weight loss.  A  fitness assessment is given. There’s a discussion about short and long-term goals and commitment. If focus is exercise, we’ll discuss the importance of form, strength/resistance training, aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, and stretching. 

Goal Setting

What is it you want to accomplish? Whether it’s for fitness, weight loss, prepping for races, building strength, increasing flexibility, gaining more energy or something else to live a healthier lifestyle,  the coach helps you set short and long-term goals, look at obtacles, how to overcome those barriers, set target dates to start, completed dates and is there to motivate and hold you accountable.

Program Design

Receive a custom plan tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, needs, goals, and ambitions. Your plan will be worked out together, and our coach will make sure it will get you where you want to go! Modifications are made when needed. Pricing will include a plan. An additional cost for any upgrades or add-on’s to programming. 


Regular feedback is provided via email, text, FaceTime  or phone call to build your confidence, overcome self-doubt, and make you become the best possible you! Clients are welcome to contact the coach with questions, concerns and changes to the schedule or plan. 


Personal/Duo/Small Group Trainer Get the best personal trainer in Denver! Our custom workouts will help you reach any fitness goal from building muscle, increase strength, flexibility, stability, weight loss and much, much more.

Running Coach/Athletic Conditioning Do you want to learn how to run, improve performance, prep for events? Our certified and experienced running, strength and conditioning coach will provide you with instruction on: proper form, pace, agility, interval training, endurance, stamina, speed, stretching, fueling and much more. 


Michelle was an awesome coach! After one session my form had improved exponentially. Michelle has so much experience as both a runner and a coach she could answer every question and address every concern I had, from form to pace to mentality. You can tell that coaching is not just a job, but a passion for Michelle; she carried my session 30 minutes over the original time with no additional cost because she wanted to make sure I understood the exercises she was showing me. I felt like Michelle was genuinely interested in helping me improve which is why I'm coming back!



Coach Michelle is amazing! I'm just starting out and she gave me important instruction about my form, a variety of warm up options, interval and distance information based on our run together and most importantly, explained running cadence! After meeting with Coach Michelle, I feel confident and excited about my running program. Thanks so much, Coach Michelle and I look forward to my progress and more guidance as I continue this journey!



Michelle was fantastic. She was willing to be flexible with our meeting location. Once we got together she really walked me through some different things so that I could be a more efficient runner! Cannot wait to work with her more.



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